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Why use a travel agent?

Before I got into this business I thought Travel Agents were either a things of the past or it was a unnecessary reason to spend extra money booking a vacation for something I could book for myself. I stumbled upon this career by accident and I was absolutely SHOCKED at how wrong I was! Here are my top 5 reasons you should work with a travel agent next time you plan a trip:

1) It is a free service to use! You read that correctly! It's absolutely FREE! Travel agents get paid a commission from the vendors we book with with not from the clients. I know what your thinking ....I'm sure the actual vacation will cost more somehow....Wrong again! and that brings me to #2.

2) Travel agents get travel deals and/or booking incentives that can't be found booking on your own.

3) You get an experts knowledge of the best destinations, cruised, hotels, activities, etc.

4) Peace of mind! Travel agents are real people who are here to help with the booking process, before and during your travels. You have an emergency that comes up and you need to make changes? Most agents offer a direct number that you can call and/or text when needed. No voice prompts or long holds!

5) A personal concierge service! Travel agents thoughtfully craft every moment of your trip. From booking excursions to arranging ground transportations. It's our job to not only make it as easy as possible for you but to make it the trip of your dreams.

Next time you are thinking about planning a trip, call an agent! You will be so glad you did! And I'm not just saying that!

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